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April PnL Recap: Week 4 & Forward Looking Thoughts

Nice week..especially good end to today, all done by 10:30, disciplined and got some really good entries all morning. Will post some of the charts at the bottom. Overall very happy with the results..just still trying to move towards less volume soon & having conviction on bigger picture ideas. Throughout May, I'll be tweeting out coiled charts every night and my opinions on them, and those will be the names I'll be primarily focusing on intraday & swinging some.

The whole reason I'm trying to break away from scalping soon is because of the general bigger picture idea I have for my future and trading. I don't want to be chained to my desk for 8 hours a day for the next 40 years having to stare at every name tick by tick for scalp entries. There's more to life than staring at a computer all day, not to mention it's not good for you. It's fine for right now as I'm young and grinding - still very much in the beginning stages of my trading journey an…

April PnL Recap: Week 3

Pretty good week..still trading a little too much but better than last week. Awesome gift today on SRPT..holding a bit over the weekend & some AMD long.

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April PnL Recap: Week 2

Horrible week. WAY, big time. Looking back on Thursday I can barely believe thats actually my PnL. No crazy damage but just wow...too many tickers. Just no excuse, lack of focus after a really nice week last week.

Ended today on a nice green note though..+3700 kept the overall damage minimal this week, so that helped. Nonetheless, first red week in a long time. Will take the weekend to assess the issue in more detail and come back next week and look to bounce back.

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Have a good weekend. 

April PnL Recap: Week 1

Daily PnL posted all month as promised - this is all just scalping still & a couple short swings, increasing my size a bit lately as well. Some amazing gifts this week in SKYS and RLYP. This is much more than a typical weeks gains for me. Learning a lot about Volume Profile and bigger picture ideas, but not confident enough to start trading it yet. Targeting next month still.

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Trade Recap: April 7th, 2016

Unreal day today..RLYP was an amazing unexpected gift. Finished +6870, biggest single gaining day in a long time. Don't have a lot of time today so just going to get into it quickly and make some quick comments on the trade, and trading names like this in general.

Here's PnL: ( I'm still posting PnL for every day this month, just going to do it by week and not by day, I'll post it every Friday afternoon)

So if you know anything about my trading, I typically avoid midday news rippers like RLYP completely. I'm a firm believer I need to know what I'm trading before I get involved and put my own money on the line. The midday news parabolic names are FILLED with emotional price action & uncertainty, wildcards if you will. Call it "Shiny Object Syndrome", whatever, but it's just human nature to want to be involved with these things. They offer the ever elusive promise of huge paydays, really fast. I think they're largely casino plays, and from m…