Who Am I?

If you're reading this, it's too late. Just kidding. I was listening to a Drake album as I was writing this.

If you're reading this, you likely follow me on Twitter. You know my face, my sense of humor, my trading style, but probably past that, you've got no idea. I'm just another guy posting alerts on stocks and trying to make some money clicking buttons. I'm writing this today because I prefer the personal touch vs. an anonymous guy with some anonymous picture behind an anonymous screen you know nothing about. So I thought I'd take today to give some more details about who I am, and how I got here trading and showing up on your twitter feed.

Twitter is just so riddled with bullshit and frauds that I really appreciate the people who aren't afraid to show their face and be vocal & transparent, I respect the hell out of them - especially the ones in the limelight. I also follow plenty of guys who don't do this for privacy reasons, you know who you are, and I can respect that too. Just me personally, I like the more hands on approach.

If you could care less who I am, and are just looking for trading strategies and technical analysis tools, thats cool too. All business, I like it. You can skip this blog :)

So. Who am I?

My name is Dante. I'm 27 years old and I live in New Jersey. I'm 100% Italian. My great grandparents barely speak English, I got hit with the "cucchiad" (wooden spoon) many times over growing up there, they still have plastic on their furniture, and Sunday dinner starts at 11am. That kind of Italian. Family is everything.

I've been trading for four years, taking it seriously for about two and a half. I've seen my PnL chart go parabolic five figures in a single day, I've also seen it disappear and washout five figures in that same amount of time. I blew up 4 accounts through my first year. Many highs and many lows, and they will test you beyond what you ever thought imaginable. I've by no means "made it", but I think I'm well ahead of the curve just completing my second full year of dedicated trading. There is still a very long way to go, but I believe I've figured out some of the things that perennially stump the 90% who try to do this and fail miserably. I'm going to get into those as well.

First I just want to go over the story of how I found trading, and why I was ever crazy enough to get the bright idea that you can do this as a full time profession. It's a funny story.

Circa 2012, I've graduated from the University of Connecticut - the best time of my life. I witnessed two basketball National Championships. Made amazing friendships I'll have for the rest of my life (shoutout NHJT!). Went to parties with Kemba Walker. Made out with Caroline Doty at the bar once. Delivered food to Jeremy Lamb and Andre Drummond in the dorms and got a $0 tip from those cheap bastards (yes I was a pizza delivery guy for extra money). And I walked out of there in one piece with a bachelors degree in Biology and a minor in Biochemistry. Extremely relevant to trading, I know.

I had a friend on campus at the time her name was Erica, (hint: she's the profit.ly tech support girl now, you may have gotten e-mails from her if you've ever contacted them) and we were talking about what we were going to do after graduation. My father is a Dentist, and I was planning on going to medical school to take over the family practice, hence my degree choice. However I chose to change lanes a little bit when I had an overwhelming realization as the time drew closer - that I'd go absolutely crazy if I had to stare down people's mouths for the rest of my life. No thanks!!!!! All throughout college it "sounded nice" to take that path, you know. Follow in pops footsteps, take over the family business, make great money, awesome. All good. Until I came to the fork in the road and it all got very real very fast, and I had to actually decide do I really want this? And that answer was no. So I turned to finance next. I was talking with Erica, and she informed me her father had an open analyst position in his Healthcare Consulting firm in Connecticut. So I said sure why not, went in for a couple interviews, and got the job. I did a lot of excel computing work and reverse engineering for the hospitals in CT and worked on algorithms to ensure they were getting competitive insurance rates against everyone else. I did that from 2012-2015.

Long story short, we were sitting at lunch one day, and my boss goes "Hey I'm going to be out next Thursday and Friday, I'm going on vacation." Oh nice, where you going? "I'm going to Florida to visit my nephew, he just bought a Penthouse in Miami" A what??? "He's a millionaire day trader, his name is Tim." Wow. thats crazy. Really??     And we went on to discuss that for an additional hour.


Thats right! My boss, unbeknownst to me at the time, was Tim Sykes uncle! Tim went to the same high school as my girlfriend(at the time), and I lived 5 minutes away from his childhood home - all while having no idea who the hell he was. And like so many others, though in a much more unconventional manner I guess...my inspiration in the markets came from none other than Sykes himself lol. That thought of knowing that someone could possibly make a few million dollars trading stocks is what set me off and planted the seed to pursue this as a possible full-time profession. I'm a skeptic by nature..and I've seen get rich quick guys before and brushed them off, but to me at the time, this seemed very real as I felt a personal connection to it, you know? I'm talking to the guys uncle about it. How much more real can it get?

After lunch from that day on, I became obsessed. And to this day I still hold the same obsession, and don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. I wake up every morning without an alarm and can't wait to look at charts - I sit down at 7:45am and before I can look up, it's 4pm. I used to stare at the clock half falling asleep at my finance job counting the seconds down to when I could leave. Not because it was a bad job, it wasn't at all, but you just need to do something that "fits" to be happy, and sitting at a cubicle wasn't that for me. Now I live on my own schedule, and I'm wide eyed like I had 12 cups of coffee completely immersed in price action and loving every second of it.

I have a passion for high volume momentum stocks, I love the volatility and emotion attached. For some reason, I am able to make sense of it and feel very at ease within all the chaos of the market morning, as if I'm sitting right in the eye of the storm. I'm 10x more comfortable trading when things are chaotic than when they are calm, or swing trading.

I enjoy the time off on weekends to relax, but like every other true nutjob out there who does this, I can't wait for Monday morning. It's an addiction for sure, no doubt about it. But I believe if you truly want to reach your full potential in any profession, you have to be a little bit insane and addicted to it. There is no "one foot in one foot out." Otherwise you'll fall in line with every other average joe who has good intentions, but half-heartedly tries and inevitably fails.

I intend to fully utilize this career's best perk in my opinion - mobility & independence - to my full advantage and to travel, meet other traders, and just live. Plenty of time to settle down later. I believe if you're not willing to do something right now, then you'll probably never be willing to. So if you want to do something, go DO it. Enough procrastinating and "getting by" - you only get one at bat in life. There's plenty of time to complain and feel sorry for yourself in the grave. Get it done now. You already have everything you need, don't doubt yourself or wait any longer than you absolutely have to.

OK! So thats a little more about me and my personal story and how I found trading - more of an entertainment read than my usual educational reads, but either way, I hope you enjoyed it. I know I said I was going to get into some of those key components I feel separate the 10% from the 90%, and I will. But like all of my posts, they always end up taking up way more time and being way longer than I originally intended. I only received two of the three gifts regarding my writing ability of being clear, cogent, and concise. The latter has eluded me lol. So I'm going to take a break for a bit now, and will have Part 2 of this up either later tonight or tomorrow.




  1. Thanks for posting this. It is good to know some one more personal than through some "posts" on Twitter. Well written and good luck.

  2. Thanks for sharing man! Good to get to know you a bit further. Crazy that your boss was Sykes' Uncle lmao i too got into trading through sykes originally. Especially found Tim Grittani really inspiring though, i was hooked after reading about him. Now that ive gotten a lot more in depth with trading, seeing guys like you and AT09 so successful is super inspirational and for you to be sharing all this golden information and analysis for free, cant thank you enough dude!

  3. Ah compaesano))). italian-american(mom's from ny) all family from italy, living in San Marino(italy)

    Joseph Gasperoni


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