How to Effectively Network & Connect with Other Profitable Traders

Hey guys. I got a question the other morning from a trader who's struggling to "break into the community", he says he's been trying to contact other profitable traders and guys he wishes he was friends with. However he isn't getting a very welcomed response from these guys, he doesn't know why, and he is frustrated.

So. How do you work on this? I'll use my personal story of how I did it to kind of narrate a general guideline of what it takes in my experience. The amount of effort and work involved is astronomical, so be prepared for that if this is the route you're going to try and take. I'll explain how I went about building a follower base, and how I was able to create friendships & trading relationships with some of the guys who I considered "idols" when I was starting out.

Q: What is the most effective way to network?

A: Know somebody. They'll plug you everywhere, introduce you to the right people, and give you immediate cre…

Why Investors Underground?

So I've been getting some interesting DMs the past day or two, in reference to me joining the Investors Underground team. These individuals largely know me as an "independent" since my inception - I've never attached my name to anyone, so why am I doing so now with IU? Lets clear a few things up.

For starters, I will NEVER stop producing free content for the trading community. Ever. You can hold me to that, it's a promise. My IU Watchlists and Blogs will always be free content available to everyone.
If you've been following me for a while and keeping up with my journey via the blog, then you know I am many things. However one thing I am not, is a bullshitter. I don't sugarcoat anything, I don't tell you anything I don't actually believe, and I don't tell you trading is easy, is a matter of fact I go as far as saying it's downright one of the most difficult things you could possibly try to do for a career. Point being everything I say is wi…

Responses To Trader Q&A

Hey guys. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question on Twitter. I'm going to go through them all here and touch on each one briefly. Lets get right into it.


First off regarding screens, a few months back I bought one of these and it was the best decision I've ever made, the thing is just absolutely fantastic. Highly recommend if you've got a bunch of smaller monitors cluttering your desk, this replaces 4-6 of them. Buy two of these and you're completely set. I run 8 separate virtual screens on just one of these Dell monitors, and I've got a few different things up. I have DAS and Sterling up which take up about 50% of it. I watch 8 charts at a time, more than that I find to be a distraction. I use DAS for executions & charting, and Sterling through another account just for executions. Sterling charts suck. So 50% is taken up by 8 charts & montages, the rest is separated. …

Follow up to Margin Post: SNAP Short Trade

So today I did exactly what I told you not to do.I went full-on, balls deep, max margin on one name - nothing but SNAP, SNAP and more SNAP short for me. Let me explain why I did it. 
Disclaimer: Again here I'm not talking to the beginner trader anymore. This is just me talking about my style now, so please read it in that context. 
Why size? 
First of all, the liquidity was there to do this today. Don't go randomly taking 20-30-40K ss of some smallcap low float stock where 100 share prints are moving the bid & offer. That's an absolute nightmare. For SNAP today though, you could take whatever you wanted and get in and out very easily, so it worked in that sense.

I'm glad this happened today, because it was perfect timing to build on that entire blog post I just wrote last week on how to use margin. Let me just say this is not a normal trade for me. I don't do this on a daily basis (have 0 BP constantly) However, I do 100% identify as an aggressive trader. I'm…

Margin - Your Best Friend or Worst Nightmare

Some of you will just think this entire post is just flat out preposterous and appalling. And that's OK, that's your prerogative, and nobody is forcing you to read my content. Have a lovely day and be on your way once you're offended nice and proper.

I'm going to be straight up honest in this post. I've spent the last two years trying my best to explain how the average person could break into day trading and find some success in a reasonable, responsible way.  Today, I'm drifting away from that and explaining the more unorthodox way, and the way I did it.  Honesty is something that's hard to come by in the FinTwit community these days, so doing my best to be a breath of fresh air in that regard. I'm aware not everyone will agree with my views, and that's FINE, but please don't tweet at me or leave comments and give me your own opinions on how I'm wrong and you think there's a better way etc..... TIA.

Also, all the comments I'm about…

How to Improve Your Fundamental Research Capabilities

Preface: I am not going to hold your hand and walk you through how to read a filing in this post. However, I will leave you with an actionable guideline on how to accomplish just that, some insight to how your mentality should be when you are doing this research, and the type of questions you should be asking yourself during it. Hope it helps.
Step 1: Stop pestering people "Will you teach me how to get better at research please, please???"
That really is step #1. Stop looking for a handout, you won't find one. The thing with fundamental research is this. It is LEARNED, not TAUGHT. I want to make that very clear, and you need to understand that first and foremost. By that I mean nobody is going to sit down with you and go over a step by step guide "Ok's what an S-1 is, write the definition down, and now lets go look at 3 examples of S-1s and their terms so you understand it better!" No. Not happening. That's not how you're going to lea…

A Scope of My Plans To Become an Elite Trader

Welcome back.  This is a long one but please read the whole thing, I want the message to be crystal clear. I have every intention of one day having my name mentioned with all the greats in this game. And this is how I'm going to do it.

This will probably be my last post for a while. I'm taking my teaching hat off, and becoming the student again. I've decided to fully commit to my trading and really try to make the jump to the "next level", and unfortunately outside of my little circle, this journey will not be a public one. Social media, distractions, PRESSURE (if you read that post), I'll have none of that. It's not that I don't want to share, or that it's too private, it's just something I want to give 110% to, and eliminate all noise. I will be shutting my room down this year as well.

I think this is some very important information I'm about to share today, none of it revolutionary, or perhaps it is, but by the end of this post, I'l…