A Brief History of Food, What Went Wrong, And How To Get Healthy Again

Hey guys. Bit of a switch up here, no trading talk for the moment, but I want to talk about something much, much more important. Your HEALTH! All the money in the world is useless if you're in poor health. I've discovered some unbelievable things over the past few months, and this has inspired me to write about it and share with you all some very powerful tools to fix yourself. So I hope you enjoy the read and that you learn something today. I'm obviously not a doctor or nutritionist, just sharing with you some information that has personally helped me, and things I've found in my own research. If you can implement some of these dietary suggestions, I believe you will drastically, and I mean drastically, improve your overall feeling of well-being and quality of life.

Let's start with a thought.

Think about the entire rest of the world and all living creatures outside of the human race.

Do you see any overweight or obese animals anywhere, besides those fed by our mo…

The Danger Zone

Hey guys. As you're probably aware by now,  I have a strong affinity to the psychological side of trading and I think it's far more important than anything else. Far more. I've hit most areas of trader psychology in the archived posts on this blog, but there's one in particular I want to go over today, one that I've come to realize is more important than them all.

I'm going to refer to it as "The Danger Zone." There are multiple levels to this puzzle on both a macro and micro scale in terms of intraday & bigger picture time frames, which I'll map out for you in a minute and then talk about why they're so important.

The Danger Zone is a foe you're going to meet time and time again on a daily basis, so get familiar with it. It's the critical point in any particular trade (micro), or period of time in your trading (macro), where a build up of emotions and stress are going to tempt you to give in to irrational or unjustified action in …

Current State of the Market/ Q&A

Hey guys. Thanks for submitting some Qs. I'll start by just briefly discussing some thoughts on the state of the market right now, what's been happening, and opinions on why.

I was having a discussion with one of my trading partners the other day, and we were just going over what's transposed over the last week or so and talking through the cause of this sell off. You can try to use all your brain power and come up with the most complex explanation you want, but as with most things in the market - the real answer is usually much simpler.

What really makes the market move? For the most part, the answer is catalysts. Forward looking events. For the last year or so, it seems the markets have been "pricing in" this recent tax cut plan. And usually, the markets never get it right the first time around. Moves are often overdone in both directions, and then add in investor emotion, and you end up with an overshoot. What appears to have happened is a large overshoot to t…