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A Collection of Everything I've Gathered On My Journey


We are all here to achieve various forms of the same common goal: financial freedom & independence.  Whether you're here for a little supplemental income in your spare time, or for enough to pay the bills and say you do something you love at the same time. Or maybe you're here to take it as far as you possibly can, and continually raise the bar towards a finish line that doesn't exist - a lifelong pursuit of greatness. At the end of the day, thats why we trade. To achieve this state of accomplishment and satisfaction, of purpose - to beat the market and feel content and complete knowing we have a skill most others do not. Where we can do something we love - with no boss, no obligations, no schedule, completely on our terms. Where there is no limit to just how high you can go. I'm describing a traders dream, but I'm also describing a very generic ideology than can be summed up in one word: Entrepreneurship
Is it the smartest idea? Probably not.  Is it…