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A Different Angle On Failure & Why Things Are The Way They Are In Our Lives

I've been reading a lot of self-improvement books & articles lately and have really been enjoying the content, so I figured I'd gather some of my findings & reflect on them in my own words to share with you and how I feel they tie into trading.  Since I've left the workforce and pursued entrepreneurship, some of the thoughts I'm about to share have begun to resonate much louder with me as I see them start to play out personally.  Disclaimer: This is not an anti-establishment message telling you to go drop out of school. I just use this example as a vehicle to portray my logic here. It is just my take on one of the main reasons things are the way they are in our lives, and why our failures influence us negatively much more than they do positively. It's simply some thought provoking & controversial content for you to reflect on - something to think about if you're having issues in any aspect of your life, perhaps you've fallen into this type of beha…