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How to Improve Your Fundamental Research Capabilities

Preface: I am not going to hold your hand and walk you through how to read a filing in this post. However, I will leave you with an actionable guideline on how to accomplish just that, some insight to how your mentality should be when you are doing this research, and the type of questions you should be asking yourself during it. Hope it helps.
Step 1: Stop pestering people "Will you teach me how to get better at research please, please???"
That really is step #1. Stop looking for a handout, you won't find one. The thing with fundamental research is this. It is LEARNED, not TAUGHT. I want to make that very clear, and you need to understand that first and foremost. By that I mean nobody is going to sit down with you and go over a step by step guide "Ok's what an S-1 is, write the definition down, and now lets go look at 3 examples of S-1s and their terms so you understand it better!" No. Not happening. That's not how you're going to lea…