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I sent out a tweet last night asking for you to send me your e-mail if you want to watch me attempt to build a small account for my guys - and got an unbelievable response. Over 200 replies and some unbelievably kind words of gratitude! So thank you to those that replied!  
But I also got a few other responses. There will ALWAYS be pessimists, in everything you do from today till the day you die. They really don't bother me, but since I am doing this for free, I got some e-mails from "those people"....

"Why are you doing this man? Are you just trying to promote yourself? You run a room? Just trying to draw in new subs? huh?? HUH?? yeah?? Whats your favorite color? Oh it's orange? Well...why isn't it red?? Orange is dumb. Fool!" 
You get the idea lol...."those people."

So I just wanted to take a minute to address exactly what I'm doing it, and why I'm doing it. 
I am trading a 5K account & streaming it live for the public to drop in…

Small Account Build Project

Hey Guys

This has been a long time coming. I've done this in the past, but never documented it. But I'm embarking on a new small account growth project. I get asked questions about this topic CONSTANTLY. Constantly. And truth is..there really is no answers to some of the questions. Trading is filled with "grey area" situations that need reactive behavior, not predetermined mechanical responses. That's part of the reason our job as traders is so difficult. Everyone's looking for the methodical "fool proof" perfect way to act & trade. I don't think that exists, not from my experiences at least. If you think you've got it - feel free to share with us.

Building a small account is the HARDEST thing you'll ever had to do in your trading career. Thats a fact. The more money you have, the easier trading gets. And thats the truth.

Anyway. My point is this: very often the way I am trading is different than the way a new trader should be operat…

The Infamous Parabolic Short - When to Attack, When to Avoid

The parabolic short..your best friend or your worst enemy. For most, the latter. Even though you "have fun" trying to play them you're probably not very profitable doing so. The sooner you realize you are not here to get a rush, and that you're here to make MONEY, the sooner you can successfully extract money from this setup. But if you're a kid in a candy shop who just sees a running stock, waits 3 minutes and tells yourself you were "patient" (vs. your usual 2 minute wait time before taking a stab) and short "because its up a lot"'re going to have a very rough experience. 
If you're a smallcap trader with a small account, or even a larger one - this setup goes right to the top of your list of things you want to conquer. It's fun, it's exciting, you see established Twitter guys making tons of money trading them, and it's just downright exciting to be involved with the volatility and uncertainty of how it will play o…