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My Year (or Two) in Review, Critical Lessons & 2017 Goals

2016 has come to a close. I have many thoughts about it & the events leading up to me writing this post today. I'm pretty long winded as you all know by now, and greatly appreciate all who read my ramblings, thank you! Going to keep this one as condensed as possible.

I'm calling this a Year (or Two) in Review because well, thats what it is. There were two real defining moments for me on my trading journey thus far, both of them coming in 2015, actually. I couldn't realize them to be defining moments at the time or write about them then, because this stuff doesn't make light of itself until the dust settles, but they were. We'll start in May of 2015, when I was the greatest trader of all time. Obviously.

I had been in IU since 2014, blew up a couple tiny accounts, and started to see some real success in early 2015. I wasn't using huge size, just racking up nice consistent days. But I wanted more. Like seemingly every single struggling trader I talk to these …