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Small Account Project Is Over

I've closed down the SureTrader account. Final number was $6500, from a $5,050 start, in a month. It went under 5K once, and over 7K once, but in the end, we made enough to to eat at McDonalds for a couple days lol. Sorry for the abrupt halt - I was just getting a bit annoyed with it. It was taking my attention away from the primary focus - my main account - which had not been suffering during the ST account project, until today. I took a dumb loss because I wasn't focused, very unlike me. I'm going back to putting the blinders on and full focus on my primary objective.

Thanks everybody who participated in the stream, sorry we couldn't grow the account more than that I really wanted to double it, but I hope you learned a few things along the way regardless. That type of trading is a complete shift in process that I'm no longer keen to so I was having some issues, BP restrictions and inability to add or trade multiple names at the same time, things that hindered the…

Transparency & Accountability in Trading

I got whacked today, nothing catastrophic, but took a nice 9K loss after breaking some rules. It inspired me to briefly touch on one of the most important topics in trading to me.

I wanted to give my .02c on transparency and trading. I don't share my PnL daily on Twitter because I think thats unnecessary, I think it puts a lot of pressure on you that you don't need to broadcast your entire business to the twitter public, and probably will affect you more negatively than positively. Some people do it, and it works for them. Great. As in all things trading, there's a million ways to skin a cat, whatever works - these are all just my opinions on the matter. I think it does more harm than good to share with the world on a daily basis.

I do however, highly recommend you have a trading buddy or small group, people whom you trust, and share with them on a daily basis. I run a small trading room of about 12 guys, and I share my PnL and charts in there with them every day.



Part 2: What Separates the Profitable 10% of traders from the other 90%?

First order of business - to quickly address the small account project. It's not going quite as I planned, but things rarely do. It's slightly green after 2.5 weeks now, about +1K, I'll continue to work on it and get better for another couple weeks. I'd really like to double it.

To address some concerns: I had a lot of people picketing at my doorstep "You let a loss get to -1K on a 5K account?? What?!?"


I will always be nothing but honest with you. And the following comments are no different.

I am running this project for one reason, and one reason alone. To try and grow a small account for you guys. To try and show you what I think it takes to actually grow an account of any substantial value. Guess whats on the other side of that sword? Risk. If you're looking to avoid risk and find big money trades, you'll be searching for a long time.I'm not going to sit here and trade 100-200 share lots and use a $30 risk on trades. Thats how you tra…