Small Account Project Is Over

I've closed down the SureTrader account. Final number was $6500, from a $5,050 start, in a month. It went under 5K once, and over 7K once, but in the end, we made enough to to eat at McDonalds for a couple days lol. Sorry for the abrupt halt - I was just getting a bit annoyed with it. It was taking my attention away from the primary focus - my main account - which had not been suffering during the ST account project, until today. I took a dumb loss because I wasn't focused, very unlike me. I'm going back to putting the blinders on and full focus on my primary objective.

Thanks everybody who participated in the stream, sorry we couldn't grow the account more than that I really wanted to double it, but I hope you learned a few things along the way regardless. That type of trading is a complete shift in process that I'm no longer keen to so I was having some issues, BP restrictions and inability to add or trade multiple names at the same time, things that hindered the progress of the account in my eyes. I thought it would be easier to transition back to a basic style and just do it - but I was clearly wrong. I'm just in a different mental place of attack now than trading that account, and I don't really want to mess with it any more than I already have. At least it wasn't red!

So again, thank you for checking it out.

Wish you all the best of luck in your small account endeavors. Keep grinding. It's possible.



  1. Hi,

    When you wrote the above, clearly (and understandably) you were upset by the loss. When things have settled I would really like to hear your thoughts on why things went the way they did.

    Could it be harder to trade a small account? If so, why is that, capital restriction? Transaction costs?
    Is it hard to trade two systems at the same time? Same setup, but with different risk tolerance/size?
    Or is it hard to focus when it's not "for real" like what happens on a paper trading account.

    Loooking forward to your answer; good luck going forward; thanks for sharing.

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