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2/9/16 - "Take a leap": Some of the Most Important Lessons I learned as a Trader

A quick preface to why I am writing this blog post:
I am in a transitional period of my trading journey. I had the best month of career in January totaling just under 27K in profits on 16 green days and 4 red days, which built on a very good December as well. I am becoming comfortable and consistent, and have decided to try and make “the jump” to really sizing into positions soon. To date, the largest position size I would ever reach would be about 8-10K shares, and even that was rare. Most plays for me end up being between 2-6K share size on names between $3-$15 primarily. That has been my comfort zone, and I am looking to branch out of it in the name of progress and growth.
If you wake up every morning and go through the motions of your 9-5 job, simply “tolerating it” for the salary, something is wrong in my opinion. I enjoyed my job, but that is the situation I found myself in, and I was becoming increasingly unhappy (I was a financial analyst for a little over 3 years after col…