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Blog Posts are Back! Trade Recap: 3/31/16

Been getting a ton of requests of people who miss the blog posts are indeed back. Not every day..but I will be putting them up 2-3 times a week & sharing my PnL daily on Twitter this month and next even if I don't write a post that day.

Doing a bit of an experiment..will be scalping as usual all through April and recording results while I continue to learn about Volume Profile, and then recording May as well incorporating a bigger picture trading style using Auction Theory and VP to compare the difference in my results - we'll see what happens. 
Back to your regularly scheduled program, here's PnL today:

+2084, definitely traded more than usual today, but there was a lot of good action I thought. Going to go over a few of the things I did well.

First LEU short. Didn't tweet this one out but was going through it with my guys on the livestream. Ended up leaving a bunch on the table but that's part of trading..this thing had some very forced and delibera…